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Required Courses by Grade Level! This program of studies catalog has been prepared to provide parents and students with information regarding scheduling guidelines and available course options at Nottoway High School.  This guide should be of assistance in choosing course selections for the next school year and in developing a personalized plan of studies for the future. 


Spring sports are beginning now!  


Nottoway Senior High School Yearbooks

Get more out of your Nottoway Senior High School yearbook with Jostens. Your yearbook helps you remember this special time forever-every school tradition, every friend and everything you've accomplished. Make your Nottoway Senior High School yearbook your own by selecting one of Jostens yearbook packages. Simply order a copy of your limited edition yearbook or choose the Personalize It! Package or Signature Package to customize your edition. Jostens offers all the yearbook accessories you need to transform your copy into a personalized tribute to your year at Nottoway Senior High School!

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Mid-nine weeks' academic progress reports will be given to students on these dates: September 17, 2014, November 19, 2014, February 12, 2015, and April 27, 2015. 


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3-Ring Binder and Notebook Paper
4 Spiral Notebooks
Pens and Pencils
Other supplies will be determined by teacher and subject selection.

The FAFSA on the Web Worksheet provides a preview of the questions that you may be asked while completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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Former students who wish to visit teachers during the school day must call the school to make an appointment.  Visitors will not be allowed to interrupt classes.  All visitors will be expected to sign in and wear visitor identification.  We appreciate everyone's cooperation in safeguarding instructional time.


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Traffic Pattern

Nottoway High School may not be among the largest of secondary schools or located in a high traffic area, but traffic becomes hectic near opening time in the morning and during dismissal in the afternoon.

Drivers are reminded to be aware of and obey the yield sign at the end of the school road that runs from the front of Nottoway Intermediate School to NHS. (The sign is at the junction where drivers can turn onto the highway to the left or go around to the back of the complex by going right.)

Pedestrians are reminded that they should cross school roads only within the marked crosswalks. We want everyone to be safe during our rush hours by avoiding any encounters of the dangerous kind.

Virtual Virginia

.....offers a wide range of courses, including various foreign languages. 

Check out the site for a full list of offerings and if interested, please speak with a guidance counselor. 



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Nottoway High School has added community service to the educational experience. Students will be involved with helping others through projects developed in each homeroom.

Mr. Lafayette Dickens, executive director of Downtown Blackstone, Inc., has provided many suggestions of area needs that can be addressed by students, and additional community leaders are welcome to come forward with other such suggestions. Students are also free to come up with ideas as to how their homeroom groups can be of assistance to our local communities. Hopefully, these experiences will lead students to keep volunteerism as a part of their lives.

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If you are worried about the well being or safety of an individual or worried about a situation that could endanger anyone at our school, click here to report your concerns. Place your student ID number in the subject line. All information will be kept confidential.





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Band Photos, Beginning Band, Contacts, Cougar Marching Band, Nottoway Band Parents Association, Symphonic Band, Winter Guard, and more!

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Parent Portal


The Parent Portal is an instrumental communication component of PowerSchool that empowers family members to engage, and thereby maintain a stake in each child's education by allowing parents and authorized guardians to access and view attendance, grades, and other information related to the student. (Pearson -- PowerSource)

Parent Portal login: http://ps.nottowayschools.org/public/home.html



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Mission Statement!

The mission of Nottoway High School is to provide a positive, secure environment, which fosters academic, cultural and social growth. We aspire to cultivate life-long learners who continually grow, adapt and contribute in a diverse global society.

Nottoway High School is a comprehensive high school committed to providing a positive, secure environment, which fosters academic, cultural and social growth. Faculty and staff are committed to student success on increasingly rigorous Standards of Learning tests but more importantly to achieving the 21st Century skills necessary for college and workplace readiness. Nottoway High School cultivates life-long learners who continually grow, adapt and contribute in our diverse global society. Governor Tim Kaine designated Nottoway High School as a participant in the Commonwealth Scholars Program. Governor Mark Warner recognized Nottoway High School for high student achievement in the Early College Scholars Program. Nottoway High School houses approximately 670 students in grades 9-12. The population of the high school is diverse, welcoming many ethnic and racial groups. The student/teacher ratio is approximately 25:1 with 50% of the high school teachers holding advanced degrees. Students who graduate from Nottoway High School are well prepared to further their education at colleges and universities or to enter the armed services or the work force.

The school year is divided into two semesters of 18 weeks each. Nottoway High School operates on a 4x4 block schedule. Nottoway High School offers a comprehensive curriculum to its students. Students may choose from the 28-credit Advanced Studies Diploma program or the 25-credit Standard Diploma Program. Exceptional populations are also accommodated according to their ambitions and needs.

Students receive industry certification through the variety of Career and Technical programs available at Nottoway High School.

Nottoway High School offers extensive opportunities for honors and dual enrollment courses, including the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree from Southside Virginia Community College. Qualifying students are afforded an opportunity to attend the Governor’s School of Southside Virginia. At the Governor’s School students may choose to pursue the Humanities Program or attend the STEM academy.

In addition, other unique opportunities include courses in heating and air conditioning, fire science, several medical programs and heavy equipment.

Nottoway High School hosts an excellent NJROTC cadet program. The Nottoway High School athletic program includes a full range of athletic teams for boys and girls. Opportunities abound for students to enjoy fine arts through our band and art programs.

Nottoway High School expects a high standard of student behavior where strong character is valued and rewarded. The faculty, staff and student body value each member of our school community. Nottoway High School enjoys strong community and parent support.

Anne Stinson

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Faculty Webs and Staff Information!

Principal - Anne Stinson
Assistant Principal - Reginald Wilson
Athletic Director - Peter Jones

Guidance Counselors
LaNeisha Barner
Jonathan Staylor

Susan Hickman
Glenda Ford
Sharron Horner
Ronald Morrison
Brenda Rion

Tim Herring
Kim Schmidt-Throckmorton
Katherine Bowen
Jennifer Duff
Whitney Powell

Scott Alexander
Margaret Brooks

Delphine Fowlkes
Shirley Lucas
Grayson Throckmorton
Clarence Wynn
April Abernathy
Yalonda Rose

Alyson Napier

James Minnix

Harry Elliott
John Klag

Katheryn Foote 

Jeanette Barton – Bookkeeper
Pat Rome – Attendance

Charlyn Pierce - Manager
Mary Rowe –Asst. Manager
Hattie Jones
Winni Jones - PT
Yamara Jones
Tiffany Mobley - PT
Winnie Price - PT
Tina Shukrullah
Audreynette Williams
Doreen Wininger

Rhondye Johnson
Amanda LaRocca
Meredith Hudgins
Rebecca Patterson
Christian Dimaio
Pamela Hatchell

Nicholas Kuzmiak
Zachary Orlando
Steve Ledger
Lloyd Page
Lindsay Turpin Nichols

Mark Williams
Marilyn Wilson

Mrs. Kerry Atkinson

Jason Buchanan
James Brown
Ava Hill
Steve Oakes
Deborah Rogers
Jamyce Watson
Jackie Winn
Carly Woolfolk
Mary Ellen Yeatts

Marcia Martin

Glenn Pettis

Bonnie Davis, RN

Lillian Jones – SPED
Martha Elliott

Marilyn Wilson

Earl Rather
Darrell Jones
Dale Mayhan


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