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Supply List -
Nottoway Middle School 2013-2014 Student Supply List
All students required to have a combination lock for their lockers, flash drive, ear buds or headphones, and a box of tissues for their homeroom teacher.


If you are worried about the well being or safety of an individual or worried about a situation that could endanger anyone at our school, click to report your concerns. Place your student ID number in the subject line. All information will be kept confidential.

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Nottoway Middle School Track 2014

Print schedule

March 19th (Nottoway, Powhatan, Halifax)@ Powhatan
March 26th (Cumberland, Amelia, Nottoway)@ Amelia
April 7th (Nottoway, Bluestone, Prince Edward)@ Nottoway
April 22nd (Park View, Prince Edward, Nottoway) @ Nottoway
April 29th (Bluestone, Powhatan, Russell, Nottoway) @ Nottoway

Meet Time: 4:00



Parent Portal

"Parent Portal will be unavailable until September 2013"


The Parent Portal is an instrumental communication component of PowerSchool that empowers family members to engage, and thereby maintain a stake in each child's education by allowing parents and authorized guardians to access and view attendance, grades, and other information related to the student. (Pearson -- PowerSource)

Parent Portal login: http://ps.nottowayschools.org/public/home.html



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Note From Principal

By offering a diverse curriculum, which promotes good character and citizenship, and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle, Nottoway Middle School will provide all students with an opportunity to succeed academically.

Hi, my name is George Smith and I am the principal at Nottoway Middle School. I am very passionate about education and care about every student at NMS. I believe in high expectations, consistency, and making school fun while staying focused on academic goals.

I am dedicated to providing the essential tools and materials for my teachers so that they can assist all students in reaching their full learning potential. As an adult, I believe it is extremely important to be a role model, setting positive examples, for young, impressionable students.

I grew up in a small, rural area similar to Nottoway County. I am a teacher, administrator and a parent, so I do understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis. My work experience has been twelve years as a high school art teacher, eight years as an elementary principal, and now a middle school principal. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision from Longwood University. I am very proud to be a part of the Nottoway Middle School family. I am also happy, excited and looking forward to working together with a great faculty and with parents to help our students reach their full potential. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

We Are Keeping Watch

To better protect our students, visitors and staff, our school screens for registered sex offenders. Beginning Monday, April 8, 2013, Nottoway Middle School will implement a new check-in program called, raptor.  Although the check-in station will continue to be located on the counter in the office,  a valid State ID is required to enter our school.  Please report to the main office to check-in.  Thank you for your cooperation!

NMS Vision Statement:

N ottoway

Value Statement: Nottoway Middle School students will respect themselves and others and take responsibility for their learning.

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Faculty Webs and Staff Contact Information

Principal - George Smith

Amanda Guill

Sherri Harris
Allison Jones
Marcia Worsham
A Rhodes

Carrie Campbell
Ashley Duncan
Carol Taylor
Amelia Woodall

Angela Farinholt
Susanne Hayes


Albert Booth
Ashley Brown
Joshua Fracker

Deborah Calhoun
Andrienette Cousin
Dorothy King
Andrea Shell
Janet Worsham

Ashley Thompson

Marcia Martin


Gwen Johnson – General
Stephanie Shaw - SPED
Martha Elliott

Travis Andrews
Anne Smith


Jason Buchanan
Janice Scruggs

JoAna Smith

Jackie Reid

Judith Deichman

Patricia Herring

Katherine Lusk

Mary Abernathy

Mrs. Kerry Atkinson

Annah Bowen
David Johnson
Elizabeth Hendricks

Norman King
Pam Roark
Francis Tucker




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