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This report provides a community profile of Nottoway County. The report is divided into three major sections. The first contains a profile of regional demographic characteristics and trends, the second supplies similar information for the regional economy, and the third provides a profile ofregional education characteristics. You will find in this report:

Demographic Profile

Population by Age Cohort
Population by Race/Ethnicity
Population by Gender
Population Change
Population Projections by Age and Gender
English Language Skills
Commuting Patterns

Economic Profile

Unemployment Rates
Employers by Size of Establishment
Employment by Size of Establishment
Employment by Industry
New Hires by Industry
Characteristics of the Insured Unemployed
50 Largest Employers
Unemployment Insurance Payments
New Startup Firms
Population Projections by Race/Ethnicity
Nottoway County Contents
Virginia Employment Commission
Average Weekly Wage by Industry
Age of Workers by Industry
Turnover by Industry
Total Employment by Industry
Employment by Major Occupation Group
Growth Occupations
Declining Occupations

Education Profile

Education Level
Graduate Data Trends
Training Providers
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Local Option Sales Tax

It is intended to compliment the information found in our Virginia Workforce Connection application, which can be accessed online at


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