Contact us for Help With Device and Tech Problems! Please see information below for next steps.

In order to assist with a timely repair of any NCPS Chromebook while the device is at school,  please complete the following "Chromebook assistance needed" ticket so the technology team is aware of an issue.  Once completed, please take the device to the school librarian for pickup.  The librarian will issue a temporary replacement while the device is in repair and ensure that the device is properly recorded.  This ticket system will be used for ALL Chromebooks-whether student, "in the classroom" device on a cart, or teacher Chromebook.

We make every effort to get a device repaired as soon as possible however if you wish to check on the status of a Chromebook "In Repair", please email for a status update and Mr. Ledger will get back to you ASAP.  Please do not leave the device with anyone other than the school librarian, technology team member, or with a building principal during non-instructional time (summer and holidays).  Please remember that the person to which the device is issued is responsible for their device.

General troubleshooting tips can be found at this link: Troubleshooting for Chromebooks 

NCPS Repair Ticket (Students & Staff)

Students needing assistance with technology problems or concerns, please contact the Tech Help Desk at 434-645-9596 EXT. 7999.  You will be prompted to leave a message which should include your child's name, school, technology concern, parent name and call back number.  A tech team member will return your call within 24 hours.

NCPS Technology

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Mission Statement

The teachers and administrators of Nottoway County Public Schools recognize the importance of integrating technology into instruction for all students.

Today the ability to process and manipulate information has become an important determiner of economic success for individuals as well as states and nations.In this new information age, the ability to gather and distribute information through electronic communication is vital. For this reason, we believe that all students, teachers, and schools deserve equal access to technology as it is distributed and maintained by Nottoway County Public Schools. No student shall be denied access to technology because of gender, age, grade, ability, socioeconomic level, language differences, handicapping condition, or other exceptionalities.

Vision Statement

In Nottoway County Public Schools, the learning community will be technologically literate, life-long learners. Shareholders will be able to interact successfully in a technological environment to achieve their personal, educational, and workplace goals. They will skillfully use technology to access, retrieve and use information in school and in the greater community.

Today, education is moving rapidly from preparing students for an industrial age to preparing them for an informational and technological future. Computers, streaming video, television and distance learning can provide vast quantities of data at the touch of a button. Today's schools must be able to adjust their instructional strategies so that tomorrow's adults are able to be productive in the world in which they will live. This challenge requires a new emphasis on critical and creative thinking, communication abilities, and a broadening of the understanding of how technology can help education do more for those we teach.Nottoway County Public Schools recognizes the use of technology not as an isolated skill, but as a vehicle for education.

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